• Career Guidance to assist individuals in making informed career choices based on their unique identity and composition to assist them on their path of living their purpose (interest, motivation, values, learning potential, aptitude, personality preferences, and qualitative discussion).
  • Identifying and putting into perspective or removing “clutter” that constrains individuals to function optimally and reach their destined potential.
  • Counselling to address unresolved issues that keep people from functioning optimally and to enable movement into growth and reaching their destined purpose.
  • Highlighting unique strengths of individual that leads to identifying areas of competence (that includes cognitive ability/aptitude/learning potential/levels of work, personality preferences/leadership/decision making, interest, motivation, locus of control, knowledge, skills, experience).
  • Identifying areas of development and discussing options on how to manage and develop these areas - also whether it is necessary to focus on these areas of development.
  • Coaching of individuals to remove stumbling blocks and clear the way for success and the achievement of goals.


  • Team analysis and feedback to enhance awareness and appreciation of team members and to make use of the team’s collective strength to facilitate strategy building around these strengths to enable team performance and the attainment of the strategy.
  • Team building to build understanding and relationships within the team with a balance of structured feedback and fun activities.


  • Facilitating business strategy sessions for the organization and teams within the organization. 
  • Facilitating job profiling sessions through the use of a scientific method to identify purpose, objectives, knowledge, skills and experience required by the job incumbent to successfully function in the job.
  • Using psychometric assessments and competency based interviews to assess individual’s competence for a specific position or role. Psychometric assessments (best scientifically proofed predictor of future performance) are used to predict future performance and competency based interviews are used to assess current knowledge, skills and experience enabling individuals, teams and organizations to make informed decisions.
  • Talent Management within organization through the full employee lifecycle: Recruitment, Individual Development Plan, Succession Planning, Leadership Development, Performance Management, Retirement and Retrenchment.
  • Training to address organizational and individual development needs (soft skills training).
  • Coaching of individuals and teams to remove stumbling blocks and clear the way for success and the achievement of goals.